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Net Controller

A list of tips for net controllers.

  • Pause:
    At the end of someone's transmission, leave a short pause before pressing the PTT; and after pressing the PTT, leave another short pause before speaking. This allows any parts of the repeater system that have delays to catch up (links, Echolink, IRLP, etc).
  • When acknowledging a station, call them by their name or callsign so that they know you're talking to them. Sometimes there are doubles and people might might not be sure who you heard.
  • If the net lasts for more than half an hour, remember to ID before the half hour mark to follow ISED regulation.1)
  • Speak slowly, not everyone has great hearing or facilities with your particular manner of speech.
  • When calling for Echolink stations, leave at least 4 seconds after the repeater has keyed down before moving on. Echolink won't allow the app to “transmit” until the repeater has been completely silent for a moment.
See RBR-3, p.1 and RBR-4, Sec 9.3, p.3
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