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   * [[ |Minikits]]   * [[ |Minikits]]
   * [[| Kuhne Electronics]]   * [[| Kuhne Electronics]]
-===== AREDN ===== 
-  * [[ | AREDN]] is a project aimed at using wifi devices to create a computer network independent of the internet.  Since hams have access to sections of the 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz bands that regular wifi devices don't, those channels are quieter and longer distances can be achieved with better antennas. 
-  * [[ |NARA]] on the island is leading the way in creating this network in our area, and a few people on the Coast have started experimenting with some of the equipment. 
-  * [[ |This message board]] is very active with local hams and what they're working on. 
-  * [[ |This map]] shows the nodes that are live in the area. 
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