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2020/03/30 20:01 Patrick, VA7FI
2021/06/12 12:19 Patrick, VA7FI
2020/08/04 09:42 Patrick, VA7FI
2020/10/13 17:48 Patrick, VA7FI
Patrick, VA7FI COVID-19 Spread (Part I) One of the key messages from today's PM announcement is that things will get worse before they get better. I wanted to have a sense of the rate at which COVID-19 is spreading in Canada, so I made a graph, and did some math.$$N = \frac{2000}{1 + e^{-0.32(t - 21.1)}}\$$$$N = \frac{20000}{1 + e^{-0.24(t - 32)}}\$$
Patrick, VA7FI COVID-19 Spread (Part II) Updated In Part I, I built an exponential model using data between March 2 and March 15, then continued to add daily numbers to see how that model tracked: Initially, the number of cases doubled every 2.7 days, predicting almost 1600 cases by the end of Saturday March 21, but since Thursday, the infection rate seems to have slowed down a bit and we got about 1331 cases instead. This deviation from the exponential model is what I explore below.$$N = \frac{2660}{1 …
Patrick, VA7FI N8XJK Super Booster I recently purchased the N8XJK Super Booster. Here are my initial impressions (I'll update this post later if anything changes). Purchase Method West Mountain Radio makes great product, but their shipping to Canada is pretty expensive. Here is what it would have cost to get the booster shipped here (in USD):
Patrick, VA7FI RAC Online Radio Courses Just heard about these on the CVARS evening net: BasicAdvanced They are offered in Eastern Time zones so the schedule might not work well here for everyone.
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