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March 7 2019 Club Update

The past month has been a busy one for the club.

The club launched a new website at The old website at served us well for many years with VE7TBP keeping the site updated. VE7HZF has much experience with the Doku wiki system and felt that it would be a good avenue to bring more members into the editing process. VE7HZF ported the information from the old site to the new site and other members helped with additional information.

On February 23rd, the club held a swap meet for members at Frank West Hall in Gibsons. The meet featured equipment that had been donated to the club over the years. The meet was well attended and successful in distributing equipment to club members while raising funds for club activities.

On March 2nd, the club held its monthly meeting at the Watermark in Sechelt. The meeting was well attended. Topics included:

  • attempts to communicate with another club with a repeater on the same frequency as ours
  • the swap meet previously mentioned
  • the installation of our 70cm repeater at the Robert's Creek Fire Hall
  • plans for running a basic course
  • plans for grant applications

On March 3rd, five club members attended the Burnaby Swap Meet at the Queensborough Community Centre. The event was well attended and the atmosphere was very social.

Our upcoming coffee is at 9:30 this Saturday March 9th at Pier 17 in Davis Bay.

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