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Surrey PREOC

Last Friday (March 8), Bob (VE7XNC), Jim (VA7JIR), Patrick (VE7HZF) and Sieg (VA7LEH) travelled to Surrey to visit our Provincial Regional Emergency Operations Centre (PREOC) located on Green Timbers Road. Their installation was very impressive:


  • The main tower has most of the VHF/UHF antennas as well as a Barker Williamson HF Terminated Folded Dipole multi-band wire antenna.
  • The telephone pole has an Optibeam yagi antennas for 20m and 40m as well as a dipole (at 90° angle) for 80m.
  • The Communications truck is the only one of its kind in Canada and was developed by SFU.

Server Room

  • The radios (in the middle) all connect to duplexers (on the left) to share the limited number of antennas on the towers.
  • From there, they can be patched to any ethernet jack in any of the buildings so that anyone anywhere can quickly be setup with a radio station.

Work Space

One of the operation's room.

The radio room is pretty limited in size since any work station can be outfitted with a radio terminal.

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