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JS8Call v1.0 is here

Just received this email from Jordan, KN4CRD:

Hey Folks! This is not a test, this is not a joke, it's actually happening. The public release of JS8Call version 1.0 is here! You'll find all of the public releases (now and future version) of JS8Call downloadable from this page:

For those following along at home, there were a few fixes from RC3 to 1.0 GA. I also added in one last feature...a “Check for Updates” on startup (by default) so we all know when a new version is released. There's a full changelog below.

I want to thank all of the thousands of folks who have stuck around through the development of JS8Call. It has been a fun journey and there's tons more to come! Stick around in the list if you want to have “early access” to any of the new features developed.

In the meantime, I wish you all the best QSOs and hope to see you on the air.


Best, Jordan / KN4CRD

If you'd like to get started with JS8 or are looking to troubleshoot, have a look at our How To section.

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