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2019 AGM

This past Saturday, the club held its annual AGM. In attendance were: VA7LEH, VE7YEE, VE7DNK, VE7TBP, VE7RG, VA7AGG, VA7SMI, VE7HZF, VA7ILO, and VE7RBE.

VA7GRK passed along some equipment to the club and prior to the meeting members looked it over and took things they needed. The rest will be stored at VE7RBE's QTH.

The discussion centred on:

  • preparations for the Puddle Jumper Classic
  • the upcoming coordination council meeting
  • writing articles for the news paper

After discussion of club business, elections for the club elections were held. The following members took the following positions:

  • President - VA7LEH
  • Vice-president - VE7HZF
  • Secretary - VE7YEE
  • Treasurer - VA7SMI

Votes were all unanimous and we are excited for the upcoming year for the club.

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