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Today is Tuesday, 2019-10-15

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What's New on the Website

This is a running post that we can bump back up to the top whenever we make significant changes or add sections to the website.

News Feed

  • New Moved the News feed links from the sidebar to the front page:


  • New Removed the Swap Shop page from our website to make room in the header and added a link to the BC Swap on the links page.
  • VE7HZF combined the BCARCC 2m and 70cm pdf repeater lists into one spreadsheet. It's posted in the VHF/UHF Repeaters Section.
  • There are new links in the Scanner Frequencies Section to search commercial frequencies. Feel free to add more to the list if you know of other good sites.

Emergency Page

  • VE7HZF did a lot of work on the Emergency Main Page and
  • Reformated VE7XNC's excellent “Sunshine Coast Emergency Communications” pdf document to integrate it into the website on this page
  • The Echolink connection logs in the Member's Corner have been broken up by month instead of one giant file. VE7HZF will try to update every month or so.
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