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What's New on the Website

This is a running post that we can bump back up to the top whenever we make significant changes to the website.

Emergency Page

  • NEW:VE7HZF did a lot of work on the Emergency Main Page and
  • NEW:Reformated VE7XNC's excellent “Sunshine Coast Emergency Communications” pdf document to integrate it into the website on this page


  • NEW: VE7HZF combined the BCARCC 2m and 70cm pdf repeater lists into one spreadsheet. It's posted in the VHF/UHF Repeaters Section.
  • NEW: There are new links in the Scanner Frequencies Section to search commercial frequencies. Feel free to add more to the list if you know of other good sites.
  • NEW: The Echolink connection logs in the Member's Corner have been broken up by month instead of one giant file. VE7HZF will try to update every month or so.

Photos Section

  • The Photos section was reorganized with different pages for different decades to help the pages load more quickly.
  • Use the standard width of 600px for landscape pictures and 300px for portrait. You can also sometimes put multiple portrait pictures side by side. Note that the pictures do NOT need to be resized when uploaded. You simply have to use the ?600 tag in the markup text to resize how it's displayed.
  • To help with formatting, use tables. See these two pages to learn more about how to use them: table syntax, table width plugin


  • I also think it could be cool to have a “comment” section for the posts. Dokuwiki supports this, unfortunately, from personal experience trying this on my one website, they get taken over by spam. One simple way for us to comment would be to use the character > followed by a comment and a signature icon: . For example:
Feel free to comment about the website changes or other things you'd like to see on it! — Patrick, VE7HZF 2019/07/05 07:25
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