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Update: Island Trunk System - Newastle Ridge Building Replacement Appeal

I just received an email from Chris Anton VE7TOP (Director of the North Island ARS) regarding one of the crucial nodes to the Island Trunk System that needs a lot of work. See his email here:


The club made $100 donation to the project since the ITS1) is a very important network of repeaters to which we have easy access here on the Coast.

Here's an update from Chris (Sept 23, 2019)

Please relay our thanks to your club for the donation. We have made very good progress in raising the necessary funds and we are working at finalizing the details for the building replacement. Our current plan is to acquire an 8×8 C-can as the replacement for the building as this will be the most resilient alternative for the harsh environment. We anticipate getting this in place by next late spring which give us enough time arrange the purchase, transport and modification as a repeater building. We will still be looking to raise additional funds to ensure all the necessary materials can be purchased. As we get closer to the time we will be arranging work parties to get the unit modified and then for the work when we do the actual replacement.

cheers Chris ve7top

The official Island Trunk System webpage can be found here:
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