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VE7BNV Up and Running on Bowen

VE7LTD has installed a new repeater on Bowen Island:

  • Callsign: VE7BNV
  • Frequency: 146.720 MHz
  • Offset: -0.600 MHz
  • Tone: 100.0 Hz

UPDATE July 26 2019 VE7LTD setup a link this morning on VE7BNV to VE7NSR (443.200+) in North Van. They will eventually link it to VA7ICS (147.200+ T225.7Hz) on Fromme. The linking radio on VA7ICS has not been setup yet so they are linking it to the UHF repeater for now. The link will be able to be turned on and off eventually.

If you do use VE7BNV currently, know that the VE7NSR IDs and whatnot will be coming through and that you will be talking on the North Van repeater as well as the Bowen one.

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