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Today is Saturday, 2021-09-25

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Simplex Test on Largo Rd

For the net tonight, VE7HZF drove to the “top” of Largo road just past where the Puddle Jumper's Aid Station 1 was (49.4296,-123.5586). The elevation was 680m above sea level and the car was positioned slightly to the west side of the “top” of the hill so as to see Sechelt better. The signal reports were as follow:

Callsign 145.565 MHz 446.100 MHz
VE7RBE Full quieting, full scale Full quieting, full scale
VA7SMI Full quieting, full scale Full quieting, S71)
VE7XNC 472) N/A
VE7TBP Full quieting, full scale Full quieting, full scale
VE7YEE Full quieting, full scale N/A
VE7RQX Full quieting, full scale Full quieting, full scale

It would have been nice to test the UHF portion with more people on the Sechelt side, but fewer people have UHF on their radio.

It's also worth noting that VA7MG (Roger) and VE7TBN (Neil) attempted to check into the repeater portion of the net but were unsuccessful. They could both be heard strongly in simplex on the input of the repeater however.

Although VE7SMI had a slightly lower signal strength on UHF, his audio was perfect
VE7XNC was running at 5W on a handheld in Sechelt. Although no-one else heard him in Gibsons, he could hear VE7RBE, VE7YEE, and VE7RQX
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