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Winter Field Day 2020

This year (Jan 25, 2020), Winter Field Day will be in Porpoise Bay Provincial Park (49.5048,-123.7520)

We are planing on bringing small BBQs. Everyone (ham or not and their families) is welcome! Please bring your food, drink, and camping chairs.

About the Site

The Park has two covered areas and plenty of trees to hang antennas. One of them is even halfway between two good trees over 20m away on each side (enough room for an 80m dipole!):

porpoisebay1.jpg View from the road looking toward the water.

porpoisebay2.jpg View from the water looking toward the road.

Solar will probably not be an option because of the trees.


Please sign up on the list below to indicate who is bringing what. Also feel free to add to the list if you think of anything else.


VHF Radio Patrick
VHF Antenna Patrick
VHF Coax Patrick
VHF Power Supply Patrick
HF Radio Marc
HF Antenna Marc/Robert
HF Coax Marc/Robert
HF Power Supply Robert
Keyer Robert
Generator Patrick
Rules / Log sheets Robert


Camp Stove and Propane Patrick
Propane Camp Fire Robert
Tarps/Plastic. Robert
BBQ ? Sieg
Food/Drinks Everyone brings their own
Camp Chairs Everyone to bring their own
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