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CVARS 6m Repeater

The CVARS just installed their 6m repeater on Mount Brenton: 52.870 MHz (FM) -1.7 MHz (51.170 MHz), T141.3 Hz. The antenna is a vertically polarized folded dipole, but I had a QSO on the repeater with my horizontal 204' G5RV and I could hear the it S9.

Jay VE7JVA is asking for signal reports so they can determine the coverage of the repeater:

Even if you can only receive the repeater transmissions, or even just the Station ID (VE7AQW in morse code, there ya go a chance to practice up listening to CW!!!). Even then, your input will help us out. I am asking for:

  • Time and Date
  • Your location (Lat/Long would be a bonus)
  • Signal strength and quality
  • Any notable observations, such as dropouts, multipath reception, background noise, etc.

Please email your reports to:

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