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MIRA Repeater Use

The good folks from the Mid Island Radio Association have “whole heartedly approved Sunshine Coast ARC use of MIRA repeater VE7RBB on Mt Benson at Nanaimo for [our] Thursday Net and for back-up emergency communications.”

I'll give more details at our next meeting on the 30th, but for now, here are the frequencies:

These are linked together:

Location Callsign Input Tone Offset
Nanaimo Mt Benson VE7RBB 147.180 MHz 100 Hz +0.6 MHz
Errington Fire Hall VE7RPQ 145.370 MHz 100 Hz -0.6 MHz
QB Water Tower VE7RPQ 145.370 MHz 141.3 Hz -0.6 MHz
PV Trillium Lodge VE7MIR 445.850 MHz 100 Hz -5.0 MHz

This one is a stand alone repeater:

Location Callsign Input Tone Offset
Mount Arrowsmith VE7SYD 442.275 MHz 136.5 Hz +5.0 MHz

† Note: The VE7SYD repeater is not working properly at the moment and they won't be able to fix it until they can gain access to the site in the spring/summer. Also, even under good working condition, this repeater is solar powered and should not be used except during their regularly scheduled nets or for an emergency. The other four repeaters are grid powered.

Please feel free to go say hi on their Breakfast Bunch Net at 8:45am on weekdays (9:00am on Sundays).

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