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Today is Monday, 2020-05-25

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Repeater List

Today I finished reprogramming my radios. I added a bunch of frequencies from the island and corrected a few mistakes. Here are my lists:

And a few details:

  • My mobile QYT KT-8900 radios have all channels programmed in, where as the Baofeng radios only have channels 0 to 127.
  • The Link columns identifies repeaters that are linked together.
  • I tried to roughly sort repeaters from North to South for the Island and West to East for the mainland, while trying to keep linked repeaters grouped together.
  • For Channel 1 (XbandR) is what I use when I need to setup a crossband repeater.
  • See the Links: Scanner Frequencies page for more information about the non-ham frequencies listed.
  • The Channels I hang out on most are: Ch. 2, 3, 12, 21, 27, 44, 58

If you notice any mistakes, please let me know.

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