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Winter Field Day 2020 2

Winter Field Day is next Saturday, January the 25th.  We will set up at Porpoise Bay Provincial Park (49.5048,-123.7520).  A few of us did a site survey after our monthly meeting on Saturday.  We have made a change to the location within the park vs what is on the previous post on the website.  We have chosen to setup at one of the larger covered areas:

We will meet there at 10:00 for setup.  I will bring a box of Tim Horton's coffee.

We have everything we need for the day.  

Here are the rules: Winter Field Day Rules (pdf)

Of Note: No FT8 and no contacts on national calling frequencies.

I will bring log sheets.

I have a portable gas fire pit that I will bring to warm up at. 

The plan is for everyone to bring their own food, drink, and chairs, though there are picnic tables in the undercover area so you likely won't need a char but please bring one just in case.

We had such a great time at our Christmas party that we were thinking of making this more social.  Please invite family and friends.  To keep things simple, we aren't providing food but the BBQs can be used to make food.

Looking forward to seeing you.

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