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Thursday Evening Net

Our club has two weekly nets: one on Tuesday at 9:30 and another on Thursday at 19:30 (see here for more details). During the Thursday evening net, we take quick checkins on the repeater then move to three simplex frequencies to see who can copy who without the repeater. Our three frequencies are:

  • 146.565 MHz (on VHF)
  • 446.100 MHz (on UHF)
  • 3750 kHz (on 80m)

Yesterday, we ran into a little issue we hadn't had before: 146.565 MHz was already in use. I went back to the repeater to announce that we'd use 146.580 MHz instead, but most people had already switched frequency and we lost almost everyone.

So going forward, the procedure will be that if one of our predetermined frequencies is in use, we'll move to the next frequency up, and if that's in use, we'll try down.

Recall that on VHF and UHF, we can't just use any frequency for simplex. There are are in fact 13 VHF and 8 UHF predefined channels we can use (see here for more details).

So the frequencies we'll use are:

1st choice 2nd choice 3rd choice
2m 146.565 MHz 146.580 MHz 145.550 MHz
70cm 446.100 MHz 446.125 MHz 146.075 MHz
80m 3750 kHz Between 3745 kHz and 3755 kHz
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