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Phaser Digital Mode Transceiver Kit

Update November 6th, it looks like they will not be shipping Phaser Kits after their next round 12 order, so if anyone is interested in building one this would apparently be the last chance to order one “Round 12 Orders: Now taking orders for the final final round of 50 kits” , hopefully they will change their minds in the not to distant future as this is a really fun kit to build.

This is a link to the Web Page for the Digital Transceiver Kits I am building ( 20 M and 40 M ) it looks like a really fun project, they have a discussion group too which is quite interesting to follow as it gives a community feel to the whole project, I am hoping to receive the 20 M one soon and will try to take photos and do a little write up on it for our website.

Just a quick update, I received my 20 M and 40 M kits, finished assembling and testing the 20 M kit, worked right away, quite impressive I made contacts immediatly including one to Japan all using just under 4 watts!

Definitely a worthwhile project and quite a bit of fun to build and use, price for the kits is $60 USD with $20 shipping so a budget way to run digital modes for around $100.

I will add some more content in the coming days.

Starting assembly.

Testing the receive stage of the build.

First contact made.

Finished assembly of board.

Installed in the case which has a clear lid so the board is visible with the lid closed, the power supply is a TalentCell Model YB1208300-USB 100 watt hour which seems to work well with it for portable operation.

It appears mine is making some history, Phaser from Canada to Phaser in Japan!



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