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Phaser Digital Mode Transceiver Kit

This is a link to the Web Page for the Digital Transceiver Kits I am building ( 20 M and 40 M ) it looks like a really fun project, they have a discussion group too which is quite interesting to follow as it gives a community feel to the whole project, I am hoping to receive the 20 M one soon and will try to take photos and do a little write up on it for our website.

Just a quick update, I received my 20 M and 40 M kits, finished assembling and testing the 20 M kit, worked right away, quite impressive I made contacts immediatly including one to Japan all using just under 4 watts!

Definitely a worthwhile project and quite a bit of fun to build and use, price for the kits is $55 USD with $20 shipping so a budget way to run digital modes for around $100.

I will add some more content in the coming days.

Starting assembly.

Testing the receive stage of the build.

First contact made.

Finished assembly of board.



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