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Winter Field Day

Winter Field Day is this weekend starting on Saturday at 11am PST and ending on Sunday at 11am PST. The full rules are here.

To get club points, we must all use exactly the same club name (spelled exactly the same way) but also not overlap with other clubs that may have similar names (like the other Suncoast Amateur Radio Club in Florida). I suggest we all use: Suncoast ARCS BC

Some Details

The Exchange

The exchange is composed of three pieces of information:

  • The class is the number of simultaneous transmitters.
  • The category:
    • Indoor: I
    • Outdoor: O
    • Home: H
  • The ARRL/RAC section is a two or three-letter code representing your area (we're BC)

For example, I would be 1HBC


The points are:

  • 1 point for phone QSO
  • 2 points per CW or Digital QSO
  • Busted exchanges are are penalized by 1 point.
  • Duplicates are not counted but not penalized.


  • more than 100W: 1x
  • 100W or less: 2x
  • QRP: 4x

Bonus Points:

  • No commercial power: 1500
  • Outdoors: 1500
  • Not a home: 1500
  • One QSO via satellite: 1500


The three modes allowed are:

  • Phone: PH
  • CW: CW
  • Digital: DI 1)


I'll be using my LibreOffice spreadsheet to log contacts and create the Cabrillo file.

ARRL/RAC Secitons

Area Code Section
Ø CO Colorado
Ø IA Iowa
Ø KS Kansas
Ø MN Minnesota
Ø MO Missouri
Ø ND North Dakota
Ø NE Nebraska
Ø SD South Dakota
1 CT Connecticut
1 EMA Eastern Massachusetts
1 ME Maine
1 NH New Hampshire
1 RI Rhode Island
1 VT Vermont
1 WMA Western Massachusetts
2 ENY Eastern New York
2 NLI NYC / Long Island
2 NNJ Northern New Jersey
2 NNY Northern New York
2 SNJ Southern New Jersey
2 WNY Western New York
3 DE Delaware
3 EPA Eastern Pennsylvania
3 MDC Maryland – DC
3 WPA Western Pennsylvania
4 AL Alabama
4 GA Georgia
4 KY Kentucky
4 NC North Carolina
4 NFL Northern Florida
4 PR Puerto Rico
4 SC South Carolina
4 SFL Southern Florida
4 TN Tennessee
4 VA Virginia
4 VI US Virgin Islands
4 WCF West Central Florida
5 AR Arkansas
5 LA Louisiana
5 MS Mississippi
5 NM New Mexico
5 NTX North Texas
5 OK Oklahoma
5 STX South Texas
5 WTX West Texas
6 EB East Bay
6 LAX Los Angeles
6 ORG Orange
6 PAC Pacific
6 SB Santa Barbara
6 SCV Santa Clara Valley
6 SDG San Diego
6 SF San Francisco
6 SJV San Joaquin Valley
6 SV Sacramento Valley
7 AK Alaska
7 AZ Arizona
7 EWA Eastern Washington
7 ID Idaho
7 MT Montana
7 NV Nevada
7 OR Oregon
7 UT Utah
7 WY Wyoming
7 WWA Western Washington
8 MI Michigan
8 OH Ohio
8 WV West Virginia
9 IL Illinois
9 IN Indiana
9 WI Wisconsin
Can AB Alberta
Can BC British Columbia
Can GTA Greater Toronto Area
Can MAR Maritime
Can MB Manitoba
Can NL Newfoundland/Labrador
Can NT Northern Territories
Can ONE Ontario East
Can ONN Ontario North
Can ONS Ontario South
Can PE Prince Edward Island
Can QC Quebec
Can SK Saskatchewan
DX DX Stations
FT8 is not allowed because it can't transmit the exchange. But JS8Call is fine.
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