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Report: Winter Field Day 2021

Hi folks.

Jan. 30 2:30 - 5:00 PST on 20 meters with Icom 750 on battery, RF at full power, no ATU, inverted V with air wound choke. Antenna apex height: ~ 16', elements: ~ 16.5'

Five QSO's including CO, Southern CA, Fairbanks AL. One signal report: possible RF interference. (I'd anticipated this so had packed a short length of 3.5“ ABS with pre drilled holes). I wound ~ 8 turns of coax feed line over the ABS, secured it all with cable straps. The choke seemed to significantly lower noise on receive, no further reports of possible RF interference on my TX.

I'd planned to have QTH at a higher elevation open spot I'd scouted prior but snow conditions forced me to turn around. My QTH at small area at spur off B & K road was not ideal but I could see the antenna would be out of harms way. Though I was in the bush, there was a “window” through the trees to the sky.

Means of securing the mast were not ideal but it stayed up. The choke certainly added weight! My goal is to make a mast system that secures to the Westfalia luggage rack.

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