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Vancouver Recording Studio Plagued by Radio Interference

Article on CBC:

Vancouver's Armoury Studios has been hosting international musicians for more than two decades. World-famous acts like Kiss, Avril Lavigne and Busta Rhymes have recorded out of the Kitsilano studio.

But for the past six months, unexplained radio interference has been threatening to ruin the studio's reputation. [...]

and one commenter says:

There are lots of ham radio key pounders in greater Van-groover with the knowledge, experience and capability to triangulate, localise and troubleshoot sources of RF intermodulation interference.

The multinational cellphone operators supposedly have engineers with the same capabilities on staff. Especially in cases where the interference can be tracked down to illegal cellphone signal boosters.

Even our CBC have RF radioheads who they employ specifically to troubleshoot and resolve RF interference problems, given the expensive broadcasting infrastructure we own and use to get the word out. Call out the hamateurs.

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