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Hidden Baofeng Settings

I stumbled on these two “hidden” settings on my Baofeng radio yesterday which I added to the Short Guide:

Short press to reverse repeater output and input
Long press to scan channels or frequencies
Short press to toggle between H/L power
Long press to lock the controls

Other Tips and Settings

From the MENU settings:

TDR ON allows the radio to quickly scan between the A/B channels or frequencies.
BEEP OFF turns of the beep when pressing buttons.
VOICE OFF turns off the voice when pressing buttons.
MDF-A/B sets how the channels / frequencies are displayed. I have one set to NAME and the other to FREQ.
ROGER OFF turns off the roger beep. Please turn this off!

The other setting I recommend changing is the squelch levels using CHIRP. More info on how to do that on the Chirp How-to page.

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