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JOTA 2021

Saturday October 16th, 2021 was a stormy day. We received over 100mm of rain. Ditches were overflowing and covering the roads with water. Luckily, the school district has erected new steel gazebos at local schools.

SCARCS setup a station at Cedar Grove Elementary School. VE7TBP, VE7TBN, VA7FI, VE7RBE, VA7ILO, and VE7ETC participated. VE7ETC is the Scout leader of the 6th Robert's Creek Scout Group. Three of his Scouts operated for 1 hour each. They each made contacts in the USA and even talked to other Scouts.

We used an Icom 706MKII donated to the club by VA7BT and VE7HJT. The radio performed well. VE7TBN brought his quarter wave vertical antenna that he uses when he operates portable. The antenna performed very well.

It was a rewarding experience to introduce and show off amateur radio to the Scouts.

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