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Wiki Update COMPLETE

For the past month or so, some of you might have noticed this banner at the top of the wiki when you log in1):

It indicated that a new update of the wiki engine is available. I had been waiting for the stable release to be available instead of the release candidate (rc) and it looks like it is now. I finished testing this update on a local copy of our website to make sure that it didn't break anything (it did). The old version we were using was from 2020-07-29 (2 years ago!) so there was some incompatibilities with extensions we were using. Luckily I found alternatives and completed the update. Let me know if you notice anything unusual.


I found some issues that needed to be fixed before I could proceed with the wiki update.

Issue Fix
The BlogTNG options used to post a news item on the front page are missing. The plugin page and github page haven't been updated in years, indicating that it's no longer being maintained. Remove BlogTNG and replace with the following plugins instead:
* Blog
* Include
* Old version of Pagequery (see Issue description)

There will be slight changes in functionality.
Some template changes were reverted. Re-implement the changes listed here, which need to be sequenced with permission reset.


Steps Status
Backup the current site
Install the new plugins and convert the News Feed away from BlogTNG
Uninstall BlogTNG
Update the Wiki
Reset the permissions
Re-implement the template changes
Note that this notice only shows for logged in users, so the general public doesn't see it
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