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JOTA 2022

On Wednesday October 13th, VE7TBN and VE7MWH gave a presentation to the Scouts on amateur radio at Camp Byng to prepare them for JOTA.

On October 15th 2022, SCARCS hosted the 6th Robert's Creek Scouts for Jamboree on the Air at VE7RBE's QTH. SCARCS members arrived at 09:30 and began launching ropes up trees to erect the club's 20/40m dipole. VE7TBN brought the portable HF station from the SCRD to use on phone. Packet was also tested on the radio.

VE7RBE setup an FT8 station with his IC-7300 and an inverted L antenna.

Club members in attendance were: VE7TBN, VE7MWH, VA7FI, VA7JJR, VE7TBP, VE7XNC, VE7QCB, VA7ILO, VA7HMB, VE7ETC and VE7RBE.

Six Scouts attended and spent time on both phone and FT8. The Scouts talked to Scouts in California and New York.

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