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ADS-X Arduino based QRP Digital modes kit.

Its been a while since I put together my 20M Phaser and 40M Phaser kits (still have a 17M to build) so I have always been looking for similar kits since I had so much fun building and using them, unfortunately they are no longer produced, so when I ran across this it instantly peaked my interest (so much so I ordered one, so will have a separate post on how that goes).

ADX-S Digital Modes (WSPR, JS8, FT4 and FT8) HF QRP Transceiver Kit with 40, 20, 15 and 10 meter LPF Band Modules

Here is a link to a review on a YouTube page that explains a bit about it, REVIEW: CR Kits ADX-S 4 band digital mode transceiver kit and here is another link with more info about it from **ADAM BD6CR INTRODUCES THE ARDUINO** . Here is a link to the main site that sells these kits: **CRKITS**

Of course while looking into these I ran across something else new to me, FT8CN which is an Android App which runs on your phone or tablet which allows your transceiver to not only receive FT8, but also to transmit it too. So I will definitely give this a try with my Phasers and of course the ADS-X when I get that up and running.

Here is a link to the developers GitHub page where there is more info and downloads for it: **FT8CN**. Here is a link by VK3YE on YouTube which has a bit of a review on it **REVIEW: FT8 on your Android with FT8CN app (it's free!)**

So looks like I will have something else to keep me busy.


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