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SCARCS Calendar:

Today is Sunday, 2019-03-24

HF Conditions:



We have two nets every week on VE7RXZ at 147.220 MHz, +0.600 Mhz, T100.0 Hz

  • Tuesday Mornings at 09:30 local time
  • Tuesday Evening at 19:30 local time

At the end of the Tuesday evening net, we also take roll calls on 146.565 and 446.100 to test simplex conditions. We welcome hams from any location to check in with us.

Our net controller manager is Ron (VA7GRK). Marc (VE7TBP) and Patrick (VE7HZF) also rotate as regular net controllers.

Other Nets

Name Time Frequency
The CVARS Everyday at 08:15 On VE7RNA (146.680 MHz - T141.3), VE7DJA (145.430 MHz - T141.3)
and the rest of Island Trunk System
The Rainbow Country Net Everyday at 08:45 VE7RPT (146.940 MHz - )
The Breakfast Bunch Week days at 08:45
and Sundays at 09:00
On VE7SYD (442.275 MHz + T136.5)
The Noon Time Net Everyday at 11:00 7283.5 kHz LSB
The Aurora Net Everyday at 16:00 7100 kHz LSB
The BC Public Service Net Everyday at 18:30 (summer)
and 17:30 (winter)
3729 kHz LSB
The BC/Yukon Traffic Net Everyday at 19:30 (summer)
and 18:30 (winter)
3716 kHz LSB

Saturday Morning Coffee

The club meets for coffee every Saturday morning at 9:30. The location alternates between Tim Hortons in Gibsons and Straight Coffee in the Wilson Creek Plaza. Once a month, we replace our coffee meeting with our formal monthly meetings at the Watermark in Sechelt. All are welcome.

The 2019 Schedule is on the calendar on the right.


Questions about our club can be directed to our executive:

President Siegfried Lehmann VA7LEH 604-885-9364
Secretary Barry Yee VE7YEE 604-885-6208
Treasurer Ron Kaiser VA7GRK 604-886-3830

Membership Fees

The membership fee is $25.00 and is due by April 1st. Cheques are payable to Sun Coast Amateur Radio Society Club and should be sent to Ron, VA7GRK.

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