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Some Club History

Founding Members

By the year 1985 the Sunshine Amateur Radio Club was in operation. Regular meetings were held in members homes. The following is a list of the early members of that era:

Ted Alexamder VE7AC Madeira Park
Tom Barker VE7FGB Garden Bay
Capt. John Bunyon (sk) Sechelt
Dr. Reve Farish (sk) VE7FJK Secret Cove
Henry Christensen (sk) Sechelt
Bob Leduc VE7ALT Halfmoon Bay
Ted Muncaster (sk) Egmont
Frank Nanson (sk) VE7IQ Gibsons
Gordon Oliver (sk) VE7GWO Sechelt
Steve Phelps VE7CAH Halfmoon Bay
James Sinclair (sk) Madeira Park
Bill Wood (sk) VE7ENW Halfmoon Bay

submitted by VE7ALT

Silent Keys

It is with deep regrets that we record the passing of these former SCARCS amateurs:

Steve Dow VE7ASO June 3, 2020
Ron Kaiser VA7GRK April 20, 2020
Dorian Gregory VE7MGD February 13, 2020
Oskar Friesen VE7QOF August 4, 2019
Arthur (Jim) Wilkinson VE7CGP May 19, 2019
Barabara Lightfoot VA7CFX December 13, 2018
Joan Wall VE7JYW June 23, 2018
Harry Almond VE7HAR August 30, 2017
William Rimmer VE7WLL April 3, 2014
Hans Oberg VA7ORB July 13, 2013
Clive Hall VE7HCC February 20, 2012
Eileen Bonaguro VA7EIL May 17, 2011
Thomas Braiden VE7CYA March 13, 2011
Francis Konopasek VE7JS October 28, 2010
Walter John McPhee VE7QJM October 19, 2010
Jim Hobson VE7NV September 23, 2010
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