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Clive B. Hall VE7HCC

From In Memoriam:

November 6, 1945 - February 20, 2012

A gentle, quiet man, kind heart, sense of humour, Clive brought so much joy and happiness to everyone. He was a wonderful, loving husband, father (step), grandfather (step), brother (in-law), son (in-law), uncle and friend. He was loved and admired by all and was so strong throughout his illness. We admired his strength and courage to fight these past four years. His body could no longer go on and he peacefully fell asleep in the comfort of our home. There were some very hard days, but his smile brought sunshine instead of sadness and he just brightened our daily lives. Friends and family, we love you for helping us through this time of our lives. It was the hardest journey we have ever had to take.

Each person who came into our lives through Vancouver Coastal Health had different strengths and played a significant part in our daily lives. We thank you for all your support. Alice came into our lives first and brought gentle, loving care and friendship that will always be with us. Clive lit up when he saw her each day; he knew he was in good hands. Jana was his favourite foot and leg massager. After he lost the ability to walk, they were so important. Donna-Rae tried ever so hard to beat him in crib. Lots of laughs and care he got from everyone. Never to be forgotten. We love you all.

Morrie, a special man who became Clive’s buddy through hospice. Perfect match and perfect friend. Dr. Robinson never rushed him and always had a wonderful smile.

Ken and his team from the Medicine Shoppe. Tremendous support and for all the deliveries. Coastability for setting up and maintaining Clive’s equipment.

How do we show enough thanks to you all for helping us through these difficult years? You are all truly amazing. and we love you.

In lieu of flowers, you can make a donation to one of the following, with thanks:

ALS Society: Wonderful, caring, loving support, always there to talk, to calm and guide me through some very hard days. Sending Clive every piece of equipment we needed to get him through this time of his life, right to the door at no cost to us. Amazing group of people. (#1233 - 13351 Commerce Parkway, Richmond, BC V6V 2×7)

GF Strong: The whole team that took their time with us each visit.

PROP: Who came right to our door with all the breathing equipment and treated Clive with so much respect and caring. (#103 - 366 East Kent Avenue South, Vancouver, BC V5X 4N6)

Ruby Slipper Fund: Who graciously paid for respite time so I could have a break, donations made to the S.C. Credit Union or the Daily Roast.

Hospice Society: A wonderful volunteer organization that helps us through our daily lives.

My dearest husband, you will be missed, but you can now rest in peace. The void I have is unbearable some days. You brought so much joy into my life and everyone around you. You will never be forgotten. I love you with all my heart.

A big hug for our family and friends for being here throughout the week to make Clive’s last days special and comfortable, for giving me a shoulder to cry on and giving me strength to get him through his last days with us. Love to you all.

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