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Linking and Viewing PDFs

There are many ways to link, view, or create PDFs in Dokuwiki.

The first way to link to an external pdf is to use [[ ]] brackets as one would for links:

Code Result
[[|Two Metre Repeaters]] Two Metre Repeaters

This works, but notice the “Earth” icon on the left of the link, identifying that it's a link to an external webpage. We can change this identifying icon to a PDF by using the {{ }} brackets instead, which are also used for images:

Code Result
{{}} twometre.pdf
{{|Two Metre Repeaters}} Two Metre Repeaters

These brackets also work for internal files that are stored on our server (like images):

Code Result
{{/howto/twometre.pdf |}} twometre.pdf
{{/howto/twometre.pdf |Two Metre Repeaters}} Two Meter Repeaters

Using the PDF.js Plugin, it's also possible to display a local pdf in a window. For example,

{{pdfjs 600px,300px>/howto/twometre.pdf}}


Note, that the width (600px) and length (300px) parameters are optional. Also, this doesn't work with external links.

Export Page To PDF

Finally, thanks to the DW2PDF Plugin, Dokuwiki pages can be easily exported as PDFs using the PDF icon on the right hand side of the page.

Sometimes, it is useful to add an Export link in the text. This can be done by adding ?do=export_pdf at the end of a URL. Quick caveat: counter intuitively, this time, the [[ ]] brackets must be used:

Code Result
[[/howto/linking_and_viewing_pdfs?do=export_pdf |Export This Page to PDF]] Export This Page to PDF

But to simplify this process further and add the fancy PDF icon, I manually added mpdf{NAME}?do=export_pdf to the InterWiki Links configuration file with the PDF icon so that this can be used instead:

Code Result
[[mpdf>/howto/linking_and_viewing_pdfs |Export This Page to PDF]] Export This Page to PDF

Or, if the page to export is the one containing the link, this works too:

Code Result
[[mpdf>|Export This Page to PDF]] Export This Page to PDF

When writing a page that will likely get exported, it's useful to be able to manually start a new page. The Pagebreak Plugin allows this using <pagebreak>.

The best example of this is the Sunshine Coast Emergency Communications page, which was created to be printed.


A full list of all installed plugins can be found at the end of the Syntax page.

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