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Wrap Plugin Examples

The Wrap plugin has some of its most commonly used wraps in the tool bar:

More info here


<WRAP half column>

This is text in the left column.

<WRAP half column>

This is text in the right column.


<WRAP rightalign>

All this text is aligned to the right.

<WRAP centeralign>

All this text is aligned in the centre.

<WRAP leftalign>

This text is aligned to the left as per usual.

<WRAP justify>

This text is justified, which means that the lines are stretched so that they all end at the end.


<WRAP box 80%>

<WRAP round box 80%>

<WRAP round danger box 80%>

<WRAP round warning box 80%>

<WRAP round caution box 80%>

<WRAP round notice box 80%>

<WRAP round safety box 80%>

<WRAP prewrap 80%> is not technically a box, but it acts like one.

<WRAP round info box 80%>

<WRAP round help box 80%>

<WRAP round important box 80%>

<WRAP round alert box 80%>

<WRAP round tip box 80%>

<WRAP round todo box 80%>

<WRAP round download box 80%>

Also note that the width can be set as: %, px, em, rem, ex, ch, vw, vh, pt, pc, cm, mm, in


For embedded text, use wrap in lower case:

  • <wrap tip>
  • <wrap mark hi>
  • <wrap mark lo>
  • <wrap mark em>
  • <wrap spoiler>
  • <wrap indent>
  • <wrap outdent>
  • <wrap button>[[link]]wrap



<WRAP box 80%>

A Heading

So here's a sample wrap containing what I hope to eventually be a nicely formatted, visually appealing bit of content.

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