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SCARCS Calendar:

Today is Monday, 2021-03-01

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We have two weekly nets on VE7RXZ (147.220 MHz, +0.600 MHz, T100.0 Hz).

  • Tuesday Mornings at 09:30 local time
  • Thursday Evening at 19:30 local time

We welcome hams from any location to check in with us.

Winlink P2P messages can also be sent to VA7FI on 144.970 MHz at any time during the week and will be acknowledged on the Thursday evening net. See the Winlink How-to for more information.

Our net manager is Patrick (VA7FI). Marc (VE7TBP) and Steve (VA7SMI) also rotate as regular net controllers with Robert (VE7RBE) helping out from time to time.

Here's is our Net Script

To print the list, export to PDF first, and then print page 2.

Net List

Name Time Day Frequency
Morning Friendly net 08:00 MTWThF 3765 kHz LSB
The CVARS 8:15 Net 08:15 MTWThFSaSuIsland Trunk System
The Rainbow Country Net 08:45 MTWThFSaSuVE7RPT (146.940 MHz − )
Mira The Breakfast Bunch6) 08:45 MTWThF VE7SYD (442.275 MHz + T136.5)7)
Mira Sunday Net 09:00 Su
NARA Coffee Klatch 09:00 Sa VE7ISC (146.640 MHz − T141.3)
The Wrong Button Club 09:00 MTWThFSaSu3744 kHz LSB
SCARCS Tuesday Morning Net 09:30 T VE7RXZ (147.220 MHz + T100.0)
The Trans Canada Net 10:00 PST
11:00 DST
Su14.140 MHz USB
The Vancouver Island 6m nets 10:50 Sa 52.525 MHz FM
11:00 Sa 50.150 MHz USB
The Noon Time Net 11:00 MTWThFSaSu7283.5 kHz LSB
The Aurora Net 15:00 PST
16:00 DST
MTWThFSaSu7100 kHz LSB
The NARA Sunday HF Net 16:30 PST
17:30 DST
Su3744 kHz LSB
The Manitoba Public Service Net 17:00 MTWThFSaSu3747 kHz LSB
The Sask. Public Service Net 17:00 PST
18:00 DST
MTWThFSaSu3735 kHz LSB
The Alberta Public Service Net 17:30 PST
18:30 DST
MTWThFSaSu3700 kHz LSB
The BC Public Service Net 17:30 PST
18:30 DST
MTWThFSaSu3729 kHz LSB
The BC/Yukon Traffic Net 18:30 PST
19:30 DST
MTWThFSaSu3716 kHz LSB
The Salt Spring Island ARS Net 19:00 W VE7RSI (147.320 MHz + T88.5)8)
The Salt Spring Island YL's Net 19:00 T VE7RSI (147.320 MHz + T88.5)
The WARA YL Net 19:00 Th VE7VIC (146.840 MHz − T100.0)
The CVARS Monday Net 19:30 M VE7RVC (145.470 MHz + T127.3)
SCARCS Thursday Evening Net 19:30 Th VE7RXZ (147.220 MHz + T100.0)
The Arrowsmith Sunday Net 19:30 SuVE7KU (147.240 MHz + T141.3)
The NARA Monday Night Net 20:00 M Island Trunk System
B.C. Northern Net 20:00 W Su3775 kHz LSB
Powell River Sunday Net 20:00 SuVE7PRR (147.200 MHz + T141.3)
The 2020 Net 20:20 T VE7RCV (146.780 MHz − T141.3)
The Sunday Night Wild Card Net 21:00 SuVE7RVA (146.610 MHz − T110.9)
and linked to IRLP node 1055
Western Country Cousins Net 21:00 MTWThFSaSu3970 kHz LSB

Island Trunk System

Source:, Map from NIARS

City Frequency Offset Tone Callsign
Sayward 146.700 141.3 VE7RNC
→ Port McNeill 146.940 VE7RNI
→ Woss Lake 146.880 VE7RWV
→ Campbell River 146.820 141.3 VE7RVR
→ Courtenay 443.700 + 141.3 VE7NIR
Nanaimo 145.430 141.3 VE7DJA
→ Mt Benson 444.725 + 141.3 VA7ITS
→ Port Alberni 147.150 + 141.3 VE7RPA
→ Tofino 146.880 141.3 VE7TOF
→ Mt Brenton 146.680 141.3 VE7AQW
→ Mt Brenton 442.600 + 141.3 VE7AQW

The trunk has two main interconnected nodes: Sayward, and Nanaimo. The other repeaters are connected to either one of these two nodes.

Other Good Lists

Off during the summer
The VE7SYD repeater is solar powered and should not be used except during their regularly scheduled nets or for an emergency. VE7RBB (147.180 MHz, +600kHz, T100.0Hz) is an alternate.
After the repeater portion, the Saltspring Island Net moves to 146.595 MHz T123.0 simplex followed by 3750 kHz LSB
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