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Net Script

Legend: Wednesday Morning Net only Thursday Evening Net only Common to Both Export PDF

On 147.22 MHz + T100.0 Hz

  1. Good morning / evening and welcome to the Sun Coast Amateur Radio Club Society net for this Wednesday morning / Thursday evening [DATE]. This is [CALLSIGN], my name is [NAME] and my QTH is [TOWN] on the Sunshine Coast.
  2. This is our regular Wednesday morning / Thursday evening net, we also have an additional net on Thursday evening at 19:30 hours / Wednesday morning at 09:30 hours
  3. Additional information about our club can be found on our website at
  4. We'll be using our repeater, VE7RXZ located at Cottle Hill in Nanaimo on a frequency of 147.22 MHz with a + offset and a Tone of 100 Hz. The repeater is operational 24/7 and also connected to the Echolink & IRLP networks.
  5. After the repeater portion of the net, we will QSY to 7.120 MHz / 3.750 MHz for HF check ins.
  6. Before we begin the net, are there any reports of Sick or Injured club members?
  7. Are there any announcements for the good of the net?
    • The coffee break this Saturday will be [on Jitsi / Wheatberries / Pier 17 in Wilson Creek] at 9:30. All are welcome.
    • The next monthly meeting will be Saturday [DATE] on Jitsi at 10:00
  8. The roll call will be in geographic rotation, starting in Gibsons, moving west along the Coast, and finishing on Vancouver Island and the mainland. But before we start the regular rotation, we’ll check to see if there are any:
    • Mobile or portable stations only please.
    • Echolink stations only please [leave at 5 second pause].
    • In and out stations who can't stay for the duration of the net.
    • Gibsons
    • Roberts Creek, Wilson Creek, and Davis Bay
    • Sechelt
    • Halfmoon Bay and Northwards
    • Vancouver Island or the mainland
    • Late or missed stations
  9. Thank you all for coming on the air this morning / evening. We had ___ check ins.
  10. I will now close the Sun Coast Amateur Radio Club Society Net for this Wednesday morning / Thursday evening [DATE] at [TIME] local time in Roberts Creek and return the repeater to general use. [CALLSIGN] QSY to 7.120 MHz / 3.750 MHz.
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