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Field Day 2019 - Maryanne West Park

Marc Beaupre (VE7TBP) launching our antenna as Bill Fletcher (VE7RG) looks on.

Stephen Smith (VA7SMI) holding the antenna as Robert Beaupré (VE7RBE) secures the bolts.

Bob Biggart (VE7XNC) on HF.

Robert Beaupré (VE7RBE) on VHF.

Stephen Smith (VA7SMI) on VHF, Nick Cookson (VA7ILO), Bill Fletcher (VE7RG) on CW, Bob Biggart (VE7XNC), Marc Beaupre (VE7TBP)

Marc Beaupre (VE7TBP), Nick Cookson (VA7ILO), Stephen Smith (VA7SMI), Bob Biggart (VE7XNC), Bill Fletcher (VE7RG), Visitors

2019 Puddle Jumper Classic Communications Crew


Cliff Gilker Park Base Station: Gord (VA7GRF) and Barry Yee (VE7YEE)

Patrick Truchon (VE7HZF), Gord (VA7GRF) and Barry Yee (VE7YEE)

Patrick Truchon (VE7HZF) and Randi (the race organizer)


Aid Station 1 - Robert Beaupré (VE7RBE), Alan Grout (VA7AGG), and Bryan (VE7HXN)

Canada Day Contesting - Sechelt 2018

Bob Biggart (VE7XNC), Barry Yee (VE7YEE), Sieg Lehmann (VA7LEH)

Barry Yee (VE7YEE), Bob Biggart (VE7XNC)

Field Day 2018 - Maryanne West Park

Bob Biggart (VE7XNC)

Bill Fletcher (VE7RG)

Alan Grout (VA7AGG), Marc Beaupre (VE7TBP)

Patrick Truchon (VE7HZF)

Marc Beaupre (VE7TBP)

Bob Biggart (VE7XNC)

Patrick Truchon (VE7HZF)

Patrick Truchon (VE7HZF)

Patrick Truchon (VE7HZF)

Marc Beaupre (VE7TBP)

Marc Beaupre (VE7TBP)

Emergency Program Open House - May, 2002

Joan (VE7JYW) Bob (VE7ALT) Chris Tween

Club Picnic, Aug 2001

Francis (VE7RS), Don (VE7MNQ), Mabel, Jack (VE7TGD), Dorian (VE7MGD), Shannon

Canoe Race Communications Crew, July 2001

L-R Jack Treider (VE7TGD), Joan Wall (VE7JYW), Don Prendergast (VE7DNK), Abe Peters (VE7BGM), Dorian Gregory (VE7MGD), Oskar Friesen (VE7QOF)

L-R Jack Treider (VE7TGD), Grant Lund (VE7GWL), Don Prendergast( VE7DNK), Abe Peters (VE7BGM), Dorian Gegory (VE7MGD), Oskar Friesen (VE7QOF)

Steve Phelps (VE7CAH) adjusting “Club Beam”.

Bill Wood's Van

Joan Newsham with cake

Antenna and Bill Wood's Van

Bob Leduc (VE7ALT) wiht visiting girl guides

Dr Reve Farish (VE7FJK) & John Climo (VE7BTM)

Dr Reve Farish (VE7FJK) & John Climo (VE7BTM)

Field Day 1999 - Robert's Creek Picnic Area

Jack (VE7TGD)

Abe (VE7BGM) Don (VE7DNK)

Robert's Creek Picnic Site

Field Day 1998 - Whispering Firs Park

From L to R. Peter Reinzuch, Bill Krasnikoff, Tom Johnson, Joan Wall, Mike Williamson, Bob Swanson, Harry Almond, Bob Leduc, Dorian Gregory, Don Prendergast

2 Meter YAGI

Peter Reinzuch

Setting Up

Don Prendergast

Bill Krasnikoff (VE7RZ) Climber

Bob Leduc & Mike Williamson

Jack Treider (VE7TGD)

Bob Swanson

Joan Wall (VE7JYW)

Don Airlie

Joan Wall & Bob Tween

Bob Tween & Jack Treider

Tent Sprinkler

Anna Leduc

Bob (VE7RAS) & Don (VE7MNQ)

VE7REZ (Peter)

Raising the EOC Tower, Nov 28 1997

Don (VE7MNQ) and Dana Truman Bolting it Together

Still more bolting.

Fastening Antenna

The crane ready to pull

Up she goes with a scramble at the tower's base to bolt it down!

Tower is up

The first climber - Don (VE7DNK)

The finished product!

Field Day 1989

Evening Picnic

Steve Phelps (VE7CAH)-Operator Gordon Oliver (VE7GWO)-with cap

Janet Farish, Bill Wood (VE7ENW), Dr. Reve Farish (VE7FJK)

Gordon Oliver (VE7GWO), Anna Leduc, Steve Phelps (VE7CAH), Marg Ware

Steve Phelps (VE7CAH), John Climo (VE7BTM) now VK6BTM

Bill Wood (VE7ENW), Dr. Reve Farish (VE7FJK)

Steve Phelps (VE7CAH), John Climo (VE7BTM), Dr. Reve Farish (VE7FJK)

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