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SCRD Antenna Upgrade Installation

The upgrade of the SCRD Emergency Operations Centre Radio Station is nearing completion with the installation of a new set of commercial grade antenna to replace the amateur GP3's and GP6. We selected Comprod Inc. wideband dual 144/440 MHz Folded Dipoles - 3 single VHF/UHF element antennas for data and communications. For improved simplex operations a dual element folded dipole was installed atop the tower offering 5.5db gain. 1000 feet new LMR400 coaxial cable was used. The HF inverted vee was checked and new LMR400 feed line installed.

The antennas arrived. They are robustly constructed.

Wall mounted using Unistrut channel.

All new LMR400 feed lines tidied up and rerouted to central busbar.

Busbar and Polyphaser/Alpha Delta surge suppression. Two more duplexers still to be added


  1. SCEP in Rob's office (VHF)
  2. Comms 1 (VHF/UHF)
  3. HF inverted V (80m - 10m)
  4. Comms 2 (VHF/UHF)
  5. Data 3 (VHF/UHF)
  6. Data 4 (VHF/UHF)
  7. Health Emergency Management BC (UHF)
  8. Marine Radio
  9. SCEP in Radio Room (VHF)

Above (9) is the 911 Fire Dispatch Paging, Comms to an Island repeater, and IMERS 2C.

The station upgrade is currently 90% complete as of April 2019, with the addition of 4 dual band duplexes and radio room cable management outstanding. Next phase will include the replacement of the HF inverted vee with the EMBC standard Barker Williamson Terminated Folder Dipole, back up battery power and distribution in the radio room, and upgrade of the portable HF Comm/Pactor radio system.

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