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New Logo!

Our old logo presented a few challenges:

  • It was wider than it was high (21:16), which made it a bit awkward for some web applications since it didn't fit well in a square.
  • It had some very fine details (the tower, the ice cap, the water in the valleys) that din't scale down well.

In trying to solve these, I came up with a round alternative:

Old Logo Draft 1 Draft 2 Final Version

List of changes:

  • Change the overall shape from a triangle to a circle.
  • Change the colour of the water to a darker blue.
  • Fix the sun, move it behind the water, and remove the rays.
  • Remove the snow cap.
  • Replace the tower and antenna with a simpler antenna symbol.
  • Redraw the mountains using simple triangular shapes.
  • Change the colour of the sky to a lighter blue.

Thank you all for your feedback, specially to Stephanie, VA7SLR, who designed the original logo and provided excellent feedback for the new one.

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