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Temporary VE7SCK Crossband Link DISCONNECTED

Dec 24, 2021

I took one of the radios back to install in my work truck so I had to disconnect the temporary crossband repeater.

July 2021

kt8900corssband.jpegA few weeks ago, VE7SCK (442.650 + T100.0) was finally connected to its new antenna. The plan is to setup a permanent RF link between it and VE7RXZ (147.220 + T100.0) in Nanaimo, but until then, I setup a cheap crossband repeater to link both repeaters. I plan on turning it on during the day when I'm around the house (and off at night or when I'm away from the house).

So those in the Roberts Creek area might find it easier to get into the repeater through VE7SCK.

I find that there's very little delay, but it's safer to leave a short pause before speaking after you first press the PTT since it could take a few micro seconds for the link to decode the tones and all that.

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