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Echolink Is Back

echolink2.jpg A while ago, the display of the old Kenwood radio we were using for Echolink stopped working, and then a bit later, the radio gave out completely. It took a while, but we got Echolink up and running again using a Yeasu FT-2500M donated by Abe's (VE7BGM) estate.

When I first connected it, I had an issue where the volume had to be up and we had to listen to the radio in order for Echolink to work. However, the key was to not use the microphone's audio feed (which keeps the speaker on) but instead use the audio jack at the back (which disables the speaker).

Also, note that this radio does not have tone squelch capability. But I was lucky enough this morning to test it while the Whidbey repeater was being used, and with the squelch all the way up, our repeater seems to come through but not theirs.

I updated the Echolink page to reflect the changes.

Thanks everyone for your patience.

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