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The Sun Coast Amateur Radio Club Society organizes activities and events to help members socialize with each other and promote their use of radio communication.

The club maintains a VHF repeater on Vancouver Island and a UHF repeater on the Sunshine Coast.

See the Club Info page to find out more about our repeaters, meetings, or how to become a member.

Recent News / Calendar

Membership Due Patrick, VA7FI · 2021/04/02

AREDN Patrick, VA7FI · 2021/04/02

Zombie Satellites Patrick, VA7FI · 2020/04/24

Power Cable Resistance Patrick, VA7FI · 2020/04/12

LAN-IQ SDR (Stand-alone SDR) Patrick, VA7FI · 2020/04/11

Morse Code from a Raspberry Pi Stephen, VA7SMI · 2020/04/07

CBC Article on Pandemic and Amateur Radio Stephen, VA7SMI · 2020/04/07

My New Book Stephen, VA7SMI · 2020/04/02

SCARCS and COVID-19 Robert, VE7RBE · 2020/03/17

Custard Antenna Robert, VE7RBE · 2019/04/28

Preparing for the Puddle Jumper Classic Robert, VE7RBE · 2019/04/27

April Monthly Meeting Robert, VE7RBE · 2019/04/27

5G and Weather Forecasting Robert, VE7RBE · 2019/04/16

Playing with Software Defined Radio Stephen, VA7SMI · 2019/04/16

Fight Over Encoded Broadcasts Stephen, VA7SMI · 2019/04/08

Highest SOTA Activation Robert, VE7RBE · 2019/04/02

In New Zealand,Charged for Having a Baofeng Radio Patrick, VA7FI · 2019/04/01

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