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The Sun Coast Amateur Radio Club Society organizes activities and events to help members socialize with each other and promote their use of radio communication.

The club maintains a VHF repeater on Vancouver Island and a UHF repeater on the Sunshine Coast.

See the Club Info page to find out more about our repeaters, meetings, or how to become a member.

Recent News / Calendar

HAARP on the Air Robert, VE7RBE · 2022/03/29

Covid-19 Spread (Part III) Patrick, VA7FI · 2021/03/20

The Anatomy of a Scam Patrick, VA7FI · 2021/03/19

Universal Radio Hacker Robert, VE7RBE · 2021/02/28

COVID-19 Spread (Part II) Updated Patrick, VA7FI · 2020/04/12

RAC Online Radio Courses Patrick, VA7FI · 2020/03/30

N8XJK Super Booster Patrick, VA7FI · 2020/03/28

COVID-19 Spread (Part I) Patrick, VA7FI · 2020/03/16

JS8Call v1.0 is here Patrick, VA7FI · 2019/03/31

SCRD Antenna Upgrade Installation Patrick, VA7FI · 2019/03/31

ES’HAIL-2: Hams Get First Geosynchronous Repeater Stephen, VA7SMI · 2019/03/30

iFixit Tools Patrick, VA7FI · 2019/03/22

Integrating Google Assistant with IRLP Robert, VE7RBE · 2019/03/20

ITU is strengthening e-comms Patrick, VA7FI · 2019/03/18

Es'hail-2 Robert, VE7RBE · 2019/03/18

THE $50 HAM Stephen, VA7SMI · 2019/03/16

Surrey PREOC Patrick, VA7FI · 2019/03/14

March 7 2019 Club Update Robert, VE7RBE · 2019/03/07

Today is Sunday, 2022-06-26

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