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Field Day 1999 - Robert's Creek Picnic Area

Jack (VE7TGD)

Abe (VE7BGM) Don (VE7DNK)

Robert's Creek Picnic Site

Field Day 1998 - Whispering Firs Park

From L to R. Peter Reinzuch, Bill Krasnikoff, Tom Johnson, Joan Wall, Mike Williamson, Bob Swanson, Harry Almond, Bob Leduc, Dorian Gregory, Don Prendergast

2 Meter YAGI

Setting Up

Peter Reinzuch

Don Prendergast

Bill Krasnikoff (VE7RZ) Climber

Jack Treider (VE7TGD)

Joan Wall (VE7JYW)

Don Airlie

Bob Tween & Jack Treider

Bob Leduc & Mike Williamson

Bob Swanson

Joan Wall & Bob Tween

Tent Sprinkler

Anna Leduc

Bob (VE7RAS) & Don (VE7MNQ)

VE7REZ (Peter)

Raising the EOC Tower, Nov 28 1997

Don (VE7MNQ) and Dana Truman Bolting it Together

Still more bolting.

Fastening Antenna

The crane ready to pull

Up she goes with a scramble at the tower's base to bolt it down!

Tower is up

The first climber - Don (VE7DNK)

The finished product!

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