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VE7XNC Going Away and Christmas Dinner 2019

VE7SCK 442.650 Install Photos - Sept. 6, 2019

Pictures of the Roberts Creek Fire hall UHF repeater installation completed on September 6, 2019.

Patrick working on the antenna

The antenna is on the South East side of the building.

The repeater is bolted on top of the fire hall's communication cabinet.

It is all self contained with power from the grid and a battery for backup (not shown here)

The grounding bar connects to the main ground in the communication cabinet.

Farewell to Ron Kaiser - July 13, 2019

Best wishes to Ron Kaiser as he relocates to Ottawa.

Photo is in-front of Pier 17 in Davis Bay.
L to R: Robert Beaupré (VE7RBE), Don Prendergast (VE7DNK), Nick Cookson (VA7ILO), Ron Kaiser (VA7GRK), Sieg Lehmann (VA7LEH), Marc Beaupré (VE7TBP), Stephen Smith (VA7SMI), Patrick Truchon (VA7FI)

Field Day 2019 - Maryanne West Park

Marc Beaupre (VE7TBP) launching our antenna as Bill Fletcher (VE7RG) looks on.

Stephen Smith (VA7SMI) holding the antenna as Robert Beaupré (VE7RBE) secures the bolts.

Bob Biggart (VE7XNC) on HF.

Robert Beaupré (VE7RBE) on VHF.

Stephen Smith (VA7SMI) on VHF, Nick Cookson (VA7ILO), Bill Fletcher (VE7RG) on CW, Bob Biggart (VE7XNC), Marc Beaupre (VE7TBP)

Marc Beaupre (VE7TBP), Nick Cookson (VA7ILO), Stephen Smith (VA7SMI), Bob Biggart (VE7XNC), Bill Fletcher (VE7RG), Visitors

2019 Puddle Jumper Classic Communications Crew

Cliff Gilker Park Base Station: Gord (VA7GRF) and Barry Yee (VE7YEE)

Patrick Truchon (VA7FI), Gord (VA7GRF) and Barry Yee (VE7YEE)

Patrick Truchon (VA7FI) and Randi (the race organizer)

Aid Station 1 - Robert Beaupré (VE7RBE), Alan Grout (VA7AGG), and Bryan (VE7HXN)

Canada Day Contesting - Sechelt 2018

Bob Biggart (VE7XNC), Barry Yee (VE7YEE), Sieg Lehmann (VA7LEH)

Barry Yee (VE7YEE), Bob Biggart (VE7XNC)

Field Day 2018 - Maryanne West Park

Bob Biggart (VE7XNC)

Bill Fletcher (VE7RG)

Alan Grout (VA7AGG), Marc Beaupre (VE7TBP)

Patrick Truchon (VA7FI)

Marc Beaupre (VE7TBP)

Bob Biggart (VE7XNC)

Patrick Truchon (VA7FI)

Marc Beaupre (VE7TBP)

Marc Beaupre (VE7TBP)

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